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Meet your hosts Jack & Susan Camden

Lead SD Bed and Breakfast Hosts

We have both been fortunate in our years to have lived in many other parts of the country and also overseas but feel most at home in Paha Sapa, the Native American name for the Black Hills of South Dakota. 

This oasis amid thousands of miles of flatlands is full of rich history, beautiful ponderosa pine and spruce forests and awesome attractions that draw millions of visitors every year. 

In particular, we love the Northern Black Hills with its old west charm, high elevation, heavy snowfall, mild temperatures, cooler summers and cheerful friendly residents. 

Lead and Deadwood basically consider themselves one community and proudly share the heart of the Northern Hills.      

We were searching for the perfect Black Hills home to develop into a Bed and Breakfast when we landed upon this gorgeous gem in Lead in the spring of 2017. We were amazed at the fine craftsmanship and having a love of yesteryear’s architecture we knew we had found our new home to share.

It has been a dream of ours for several years to operate a traditional Bed and Breakfast.  Today’s world lends us all to a faster pace with hurried travel and impersonal hospitality when staying away from home.  We all love to travel so why do we have to feel our lodgings must be the opposite of the comforts we have at home? 

Traditional Bed and Breakfasts have grown over the years from a convenient stay in a room with a home cooked breakfast in the morning, to a designation for guests to feel completely at ease with the comfort of congenial hosts who truly care about them in a home with historic appeal and comfortable accommodations.

We want our guests to feel completely at home while staying with us, whether a one night respite or a home base during their Black Hills vacation or business trip.

We encourage guests to browse and relax in the common areas since we offer these rooms specifically for guest use.

We are easily summoned if not found in the kitchen and are always open to questions or requests. And of course we enjoy the visiting that may naturally occur when strangers meet in a relaxed setting, either between us and guests or between guests themselves.  All of us have our own unique stories trailing us as we course through this life with those perfect shared moments that bring them to mind.  Recognizing common interests and personal tastes and other similarities in new friends is the spice of life.

And especially, we are here to help in any way we can with your needs or wishes during your stay, including any way we can help you enjoy your vacation in the lovely Black Hills.

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